Craftsman 139.53661SRT1 Garage Door Opener User Manual

Adjustment Step 3
Test The Safety Reversing Sensor
Press the remote control push buttonto open the
Place the opener carton in the path of the door.
Press the remote control push button toclose the
door. The door will not move more than an inch,
and the opener light will flash.
Professional serv.lce is required if the opener
closes the door when the safety reversing
sensor is obstructed.
The garage door opener will not close from a
remote control if the Indicator light In either
sensor is off(alerting you to the fact that the
sensor is mlseligned or obstructed).
The garage door can be dosed by pressingand
holding the Door Control push button untildown
travel is completed.
Adjustment Step 4
Test the Safety Reverse System
Place a one-inch board (or a 2x4 laid flat) on the
floor, centered under the garage door.
Operate the door in the down direction. The door
must reverse on striking the obstruction.
If the door stops on the obstruction, it is not traveling
far enough in the down direction.
Increase the DOWN limit by turningthe DOWN
limitadjustment screw counterclockwise 1/4 turn.
Repeat the test.
On a sectional door, make sure limit adjustments
do not force the door arm beyond a straight up
and down position. See the illustration on page 26.
When the door reverses on the one-inch board,
remove the obstruction and run the opener through
3 or 4 complete travel cycles to test adjustment.
If the door will not reverse after repeated
adjustment attempts, call Sears Service Center
for garage door opener service.
Important safety check
Repeat Adjustment Steps 1, 2 and 4 after:
Each adjustment of door arm length, force controls
or limitcontrols.
Any repair to or adjustment of the garage door
(including springsand hardware).
Any repair to or buckling of the garage floor.
Any repair to or adjustment of the opener.