Craftsman 139.53661SRT1 Garage Door Opener User Manual

Installation Step 12
Connect Door Arm to Trolley
Follow Instructions which apply to your door
type as illustrated below and on page 27.
Make sure garage door is fully closed. Pull the emergency release handle to disconnect the outer trolley
from the inner trolley. Slide the outer trolley back (away from the door) about 2" as shown in
Figures 1, 2 and 3.
Figure 1:
Fasten straight door arm section to outer trolley
with the 5/16"x1" clevis pin. Secure the connection
with a ring fastener.
Fasten curved door arm to the door bracket in the
same way, using the 5/16 "xI -1/4" clevis pin.
Figure 2:
Bring arm sections together. Find two pairs of holes
that line up and join sections. Select holes as far
apart as possible to increase door arm rigidity.
Inner Trolley
0 Ooor
', BPac_et
5/16"x1-1/4" v Door Arm
Do_ Am1
"_ S116"-18xTi8"
Figure I ooo,e._t Figure 2
Hole Alignment Alternative
Figure 3:
If holes in curved arm are above holes in straight
arm, disconnect straight arm. Cut about 6" from
the solid end. Reconnect to trolley with cut end
down as shown.
Bring arm sections togeg_er.
Find two pairs of holes that line up and join with
screws, lock washers and nuts.
Hardware Shown Actual Size
Nut 5/16" - 18 Lock Washer 5/16" r
_Pg'l C_Nn
He_ Screw
5/16"x1-114" (Door B_lcket) 5/16"- 18 x 7/_"
Figure 3
Proceed to Adjustment Step 1, page 28. Trolley will re-engage automatically when the opener is operated.