Haier 0010573573 Air Conditioner User Manual

Trouble Shooting
The following cases are not troubles.
During operation, the air conditioner may
sometimes exhibit a sound of "clatter" or
"rumble". This is the common sound of
refrigerant flow but not a trouble.
A sound of "Pi-Pa" is generated.
Smells are given off.
During operation, mist or steam are
blown out.
During COOL operation, it automatically
changes to FAN mode.
The system couldnt be re-started immediately
after turning off.The unit can't start?
This is caused by the thermal expansion
or cold shrinkage of plastics.
Sometimes there are smells in the air flow
from the indoor unit. This is caused by the
smell of cigarettes or paint coatings inside
the unit.
During COOL or DRY operation, the unit
may blow out a thin mist. This is the con-
densate water mist caused by sudden co-
oling of the indoor air blown out from the
indoor unit.
In order to prevent frost accumulation on
the heat exchanger in the indoor unit,
sometimes it will automatically transfers
to FAN mode, but soon will return to
COOL mode.
This is due to the systems self-protection
function, which prevents it from restarting
in 3 min after stops.
Please wait
for 3 min.
Water flow sound is heard.