Haier 0010573573 Air Conditioner User Manual

Notice to Users
Notice to users
To ensure proper operation of the system, the user shall follow this instruction manual
to install the unit.
When handling the air conditioner, please be care not to scratch the case surface.
This instruction manual describes the installation method aided with the installation
tools specified by manufacturer .
The maximum length of connection pipe is 50 m, and the maximum difference between
levels of indoor unit and outdoor unit shall be 30 m.
Please keep the installation instruction manual well for reference in maintenance or
changing installation position.
After installed, please follow the operational instruction manual to use the air conditioner
Information about application
Adjust your desired air flow direction Avoid direct sunlight and gas flow
Keep appropriate room temperature
Too cool or too warm wont benefit
to your health, but causes an incre-
ased energy consumption.
Effectively use the timer Using
TIMER mode you can enjoy a
comfortable room temperature
when wake up or come back home.
Caution: After installation, please confirm no refrigerant leaks.