Haier 0010573573 Air Conditioner User Manual

Installation Procedure
Indoor unit
flexible joint
or static pressure box
transitive air duct
circular air duct
joint of air diffuser
air diffuser
Fig1: Duct connected
indoor unit
air return
air return
glue nail
adhesive tape
glue nail cover
Installation for air duct of indoor unit
1. Installation of air discharge duct
This type of unit uses circular air duct with its caliber of 180mm.
An additional transitive air duct is necessary for the circular air duct to connect to the air
supply inlet. It should be also connected to its respective air diffuser separately. See
Fig.1. Adjust the wind speed of each air diffuser outlet to keep in line on the whole, so
as to meet a demand of the air conditioner in the room.
2. Installation of air return duct
Use rivets to connect the air return duct to the air return inlet of the indoor unit. The
other end connects to the air return shutter. as shown in Fig.2.
Fig2: Duct return connected
3. Air duct insulation
Insulation layer is needed for air supply and return duct. First, paste a glue nail to the
air duct, and then attach the insulation cotton that has a tinfoil layer and use the glue
nail cover to fix. Finally, seal the air duct interface with tinfoil adhesive tape closely.
as shown in Fig3.