Haier 0010573573 Air Conditioner User Manual

! Caution
In order to drain water normally, the drain pipe shall be processed as specified in
the installation manual and shall be thermal insulated to avoid dew generation.
Improper hose connection may cause indoor water leakage.
The indoor drain pipe shall be thermal insulated.
The connection part between the drain pipe and the indoor unit shall be insulated so as to
prevent dew generation.
The drain pipe shall be slant downwards (greater than 1/100). The middle part shall not be
of S type elbow, otherwise abnormal sound will be produced.
The horizontal length of the drain pipe shall be less than 20 m. In case of long pipe, suppo-
rts shall be provided every 1.5 ñ 2m to prevent wavy form.
Central piping shall be laid out according to the following figure.
Take care not to apply external force onto the drain pipe connection part.
Pipe and insulation material
Rigid PVC pipe VP31.5mm (internal diameter)
Foamed PE with thickness above 7mm
Drain pipe size: ÿ 19.05mm
(3/4") PVC pipe
The hose is used for adjusting the off-center and angle of the rigid PVC pipe.
Directly stretch the hose to install without making any deformation.
The soft end of the hose must be fastened with a hose clamp.
Please apply the hose on horizontal part
Insulation treatment:
Wrap the hose and its clamp until to the
indoor unit without any clearance with
insulating material, as shown in the figure.
Drain confirmation
During trial run, check that there is no leakage at the pipe connection part during water
draining even in winter.
Hose Hose clamp
Subsidiary insulation
Rigid PVC pipe
Drain pipe (supplied
by the user)
To the largest (app. 10cm)
Down slope above 1/100
S type elbow
(supplied by the user)
Down slope
above 1/100
Installation Procedure