Haier 0010573573 Air Conditioner User Manual

Important Points of Safety
Attention points for use
* Ensure ventilation of the room
if the machine is used with
burning facilities. Deficient
ventilation can cause oxygen
* Check whether installation
bench of the machine is
damaged after a long period
of use. Machine on damaged
bench may fall down and cause
human injury or other damage.
* In place where winds produced
by the machine can reach, donít
lay any animals or plants which
may be hurt otherwise.
* Donít put vases containing water
or other else on the unit assembly.
Otherwise, the machine may be
immersed internally and result in
bad electric insulation causing
electric shock.
* The is machine CANNOT be
used for the purpose of prese-
rving food, animals, plants,
precision instruments and
artwork etc., which may be
destroyed otherwise.
* DONíT replace fuse with ma-
terial other than fuse of proper
capacity. Replacing fuse with
metal wire or copper etc. can
cause fire hazard or other faults.
* DONíT lay any burning facilities
in place where winds produced by
the machine can reach. Incomplete
combustion of burning facility may
be caused otherwise.
* DONíT clean the machine with
water. Electric shock may occur
* DONíT put flammable spray
articles nearby or spray them to
the machine. Fire hazard may
occur otherwise.
* DONíT operate switch with wet
hand. Electric shock may occur
* Stop operation and shut down
manual power switch before
cleaning and maintenance.
* The power supply MUST be of
rated voltage and connected with
special electrical supply circuit.