Haier 0010573573 Air Conditioner User Manual

Important Points of Safety
Avoid your body being blown
directly by cold wind for long
period, otherwise your health
may be affected.
Donít extend your fingers or
any other article into the inlet
or outlet during operation of
the machine for touching re-
volving fans may cause human
injury or damage of machine.
If something abnormal (e.g.: burnt
smell etc.) occurs, stop running the
machine, shut down the manual
power switch and contact after
service. Continuous operation in
disorder may cause fire hazard or
electric shock etc.
Warning for use
Warning for move and repair
When you have to disassemble
and reinstall the machine, entrust
it to after service. Improper inst-
allation may cause fire hazard,
electric shock or damage of ma-
Unauthorized alteration or repair
work is strictly forbidden. Impr-
oper alteration or maintenance
may cause fire hazard, electric
shock or water leakage. Repair
work should be entrusted to cert-
ified person of after service.
Attention points for installation
Ensure the drainage hose work
normally during installation.
Improper installation of drainage
can cause water leakage and
damp articles.
DO NOT install the machine in
place where flammable gas
releases easily to avoid fire
Ensure electric leakage breaker
being installed. Electric leakage
breaker MUST be installed,
otherwise electric shock may be
If the power supply cord is
damaged, call a certified
electrician of the manufacturer
or other maintenance department
to replace it.
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