Haier 0010573573 Air Conditioner User Manual

Installing the suspension screw:
Use M8 or M10 suspension screws (4, prepared in the field) (when the suspension screw
height exceeds 0.9 m, M10 size is the only choice). These screws shall be installed as
follows with space adapting to air conditioner overall dimensions according to the original
building structures.
Wooden structure
A square wood shall be supported by the beams and then set the suspension screws.
Square wood
New concrete slab
To set with embedded parts, foundation bolts etc.
Iron reinforcement
Knife embedded part
Foundation bolt
Guide plate embedded part Pipe suspension foundation bolt
Original concrete slab
Use hole hinge, hole plunger or hole bolt.
Steel reinforcement structure
Use steel angle or new support steel angle directly.
Hanging bolt
Suspension screw
Support steel angle
Hanging of the indoor unit
l Fasten the nut on the suspension screw and then hang the suspension screw in the T
slot of the suspension part of the unit.
l Aided with a level meter, adjust level of the unit within 5 mm.
Installation Procedure