Haier 0010573573 Air Conditioner User Manual

Important Points of Safety
The following four important points of safety and suggestions should be paid great attention:
Warning: Misuse may cause fatal result such as death or serious injury etc.
Attention: Misuse may cause human injury or damage of machine, in some case
fatal results.
: Content marked with this ì forbiddenî sign should be absolutely forbid-
den, otherwise may cause damage of machine and human injury of the
: Content marked with this ì compulsoryî sign should be executed comp-
ulsively, otherwise may cause damage of machine and human injury of
the user.
Comply with the following important points of safety.
Put these important points of attention and suggestions nearby and convenient for reference in need.
Hand over this instruction manual to new user if you resell this machine.
Warning for installation
Entrusted Installation
Installation of the machine should
be entrusted to certified person of
after service. Unauthorized install-
ation may cause water leakage,
electric shock or fire hazard for
improper operation.
To prevent leakage of refrigerant,
let certified person of after service
do it.
Leakage of refrigerant over certain
consistence may result in shortage
of oxygen. Enough precautions
MUST be done to avoid oxygen
shortage in case of refrigerant lea-
king if the room where the air-
conditioner is installed is small.
The power supply must be fitted with
earth line to ensure valid earthing of
the air-conditioner. No or incomplete
earthing connection may cause the
risk of electric shock.
Test run
After indoor units are installed,all
cassettes hinded models should be
tested.when the units are confirmed
to be normal,other fitments can be