Samsung 710NT Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

Tuning the power off while booting up a Client may damage the monitor.
In addition, exit all running programs before turning the monitor off.
What is Client Monitor?
Client Monitor is a new type of monitor that can be used as a general monitor and can also be
used as a terminal by connecting it to a host PC with a LAN connection so that you can use a
Client Monitor to access the Internet, create a document and edit an image file.
In addition, you can connect an external storage device (e.g. DSC, MP3, external storage, etc.)
to the USB port and enjoy music, video and games saved on the device.
Moreover, you can display your screen on another display device such as a projector through the
VGA OUT port so that the monitor can be utilized for various purposes such as video
conferences, joint-work, etc.
In addition, since Win CE is integrated within the monitor, you can search the Internet or USB
memory independently without connecting it to the host PC.