Haier AB362ACEAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Introduction to Spare Parts
Drain Hose
Swing fender
Refrigerant pipe
Cable line
Earthing line
Air filter
Suction grill
(located in the suction grill)
In cooling operation,
to discharge the
water from inside the
Discharge unit (built in)
(located in the outlet)
Note : For the wired control type unit, the unit state should be checked by the the
wired controller, instead of the remote receiver; and if you set the TIMER function,
the TIMER LED on the remote receiver will not be on.
(For series 142, 182 )
(For series 242, 282, 362, 422, 482, 602 )
Swing louver
(Air flow direction can be adjusted by using
the SWING button on the remote controller)
Air Inlet Grille
Air Filter
(Inside of the Inlet Grille)
Operating Control Panel