Haier AB362ACEAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Trouble Shooting
Air does not blow or the fan speed cannot be
changed during drying.
In DRY mode, when room temperature
becomes 2 C higher than temperature setting,
unit rill run intermittently at LO speed regardless
of FAN setting
During heating,indoor fan is still running even
unit is stopped.
To get ride of the excess heat, indoor fan will
continue running for a while after unit autom-
atically stops.
Water or vapor generated from the outdoor
unit during heating.
This happens when the frost accumulated on
the outdoor unit is removed (during defrosting
Defrosting operation
Please check the following things about your air conditioner before making a
service call.
Unit fails to start.
Is the power supply switch on ?
Power supply switch is not in
ON position.
Is city supply power normal ?
Is the earth leakage breaker
in action ?
Be sure to turn off the power
supply switch immediately and
contact the sales dealer.