Haier AB362ACEAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Conditioner should not be used for any other
purpose other than airconditioning.
Don't use air-conditioner for any other special
purposes, e.g. the preservation and protection
of food, animals, plants,
pecision apparatus as well
as work of art, otherwise
the qualities of these
stuffs may be damaged.
Don't dismantle the outlet of the outdoor unit.
The exposure of fan is
very dangerous which
may harm human be-
When air-conditioner is co-used with other
heat-radiator the frequent replacement of
room atmosphere should be required.
Inefficient venti-
lation may cause
After a long time use of air-conditioner the
base should be checked for any damages.
If the damaged base is
not repaired, the unit
may fall down and
cause accidents.
No goods or nobody is permitted to placed on
or stand on outdoor unit.
The falling of goods and
people may cause acci-
Pets and plants should not be blowed directly
in the air flow.
Otherwise will suffer
Don't operate the air-con-
ditioner with damp hands.
Otherwise will be shocked.
Only use correctly-typed fuse.
May not use wire or any other
materials replacing fuse, other-
wise may cause faults or fire
Don't place any burning unit
in the air flow of air-conditioner,
which may cause incomplete
No inflammable spray fluid
should be permitted to be
placed or used near to air-
conditioner otherwise may
cause fire accidents.
Air-conditioner should be
cleaned only after power
supply is cut off to keep
from shock or hurt.
Don't clean air-conditioner
with water.
Otherwise may cause
Otherwise the poisonous chemicals may settle
in air-conditioner which harm the health of
chemical-allergic people.
When use the fumigating insecticide don't
open air-conditioner.