Haier AB362ACEAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Item to the checked
Pay special care to the following and check after installation
Unproper installation may cause
Is indoor unit firmly installed?
Is gas leakage check performed?
Is unit properly insulated?
Is water drainage smooth?
Is power voltage meet that stipulated on the nameplate?
Is wiring and piping correctly arranged?
Is unit safely grounded?
Is wire size correct?
Are there any obstacles on air inlet and outlet grill of
indoor and outdoor unit?
Is record made for piping length and refrigerant
charging amount?
Unit might fall down, make vibration or noise.
This may lead to gas shortage.
Dew or water drop may occur.
Dew or water drop may occur.
Problem may occur or parts got burned.
Problem may occur or parts got burned.
There might be a danger of electric shock.
Problem may occur or parts got burned.
This may cause poor cooling.
It is hard to control refrigerant charging
4. Installation of inlet grill and cover plate
Installation of inlet grill
Install in reversed order of "Prepare ornament pandl".
Inlet grill can be adjusted into four directions by turning inlet grill. Inlet grill position can be adjusted as
per customers request.
Install cover plate on the corner
As shown in Fig. 11 tie the
cover plate onto the bolt on
ornament plate.
Install cover plate onto
ornament plate.
(Refer to Fig. 12)
When installing inlet grill, take care not to twist wiring of swing flap motor.
ATTENTION: after finishing installation,confirm no refrigerant leakage.
Slide all five hold rings
to let them drop in holes
on ornament plate,
Fig. 12
Fig. 11
Installation Procedure