Haier AB362ACEAA Air Conditioner User Manual

Carefully read the following information in order to operate the airconditioner correctly.
Below are listed three kinds of Safety Cautions and Suggestions.
Incorrect operations may result in injuries or machine damages; in some cases may
cause serious consequences.
Incorrect operations may result in severe consequences of death or serious injuries.
INSTRUCTIONS: These information can ensure the correct operation of the machine.
Be sure to conform with the following important Safety Cautions.
The Safety Cautions should be at hand so that they can be checked at any time when needed.
If the conditioner is transferred to the new user, this manual should be as well transferred to the new user.
Otherwise the one
will feel unpleasant
or harm ones' health.
If any abnormal phenomena is found (e. g.
smell of firing), please cut off the power
supply immediately, and contact the dealer
to find out the handling method.
In such case, to continue
using the conditioner will
damage the conditioner,
and may cause electrical
shock or fire hazard.
When need maintenance and repairment,
call dealer to handle it.
Incorrect mainten-
ance and repairment
may cause water
leak, electrical shock
and fire hazard.
Please let the dealer be responsible for installing
the conditioner.
Incorrect installation may cause water leak, elec-
trical shock and fire hazard.
Don't put fingers or any other things into the
inlet/outlet and swing louver while the condi-
tioner is in operation.
Because the highspeed
fan is very dangerous
and may cause injuries.
Call the dealer to take measures to prevent the
refrigerant from leaking.
If conditioner is installed in a small room be sure
to take every measure in order to prevent suffoca-
tion accident even in case of refrigerant leakage.
When conditioner is deinstalled or reinstalled
dealer should be responsible for them.
Incorrect installation may cause water leaking,
electrical shock and fire hazard.
Don't blow the human body with the cooling
air too long, and don't let the room tempera-
ture decrease too low
Safety cautions