Graco 245185 Water Pump User Manual

Starting and Adjusting the Pump
1. Be sure the air regulator and bleed-type master air
valve are closed.
NOTE: Do not install the spray tip yet!
2. Open the bleed-type master air valve.
3. Hold a metal part of the spray gun firmly to the
side of a grounded metal pail and trigger the gun.
4. Slowly open the air regulator until the pump starts.
5. Allow the pump to cycle slowly until all the air is
pushed out of the fluid lines.
6. Release the gun trigger and lock the trigger safety;
the pump will stall against the pressure.
7. With the pump and lines primed, and with ade-
quate air pressure and volume supplied, the pump
will start and stop as the spray gun is triggered and
To reduce the risk of serious injury whenever you
are instructed to relieve pressure, always follow the
Pressure Relief Procedure on page 14.
8. Relieve the pressure, then install the spray tip in
the gun.
9. Use the air regulator to control the pump speed
and fluid pressure. Always use the lowest pressure
necessary to achieve the desired results. Higher
pressures waste fluid and cause premature wear
of the pump packings and spray tip.
Do not allow the pump to run dry. It will quickly
accelerate to a high speed, causing damage. If your
pump is running too fast, stop it immediately and
check the fluid supply. If the container is empty and
air has been pumped into the lines, refill the con-
tainer and prime the pump and the lines, or flush and
leave it filled with a compatible solvent. Eliminate all
air from the fluid system.
Heated Circulating Systems
Operating instructions for a heated circulating system
are provided in the Viscon HP Heater manual,
309524. Read and understand all warnings and in-
structions in the heater manual before operating a
heated system.
1. The three-way ball valve (40) selects either fluid
circulation or draining. To circulate fluid back to the
pump, turn the handle toward the CIRC end of the
2. To drain the fluid, turn the handle toward the
DRAIN end.