Graco 245185 Water Pump User Manual

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Installing Circulating Kit 222312
Before installing the heaters, dual heater mounting
kit and circulating kit, follow the Pressure Relief
Procedure on page 14. Disconnect all hoses from
the pump.
NOTE: Reference numbers marked with a symbol (for
example, 37{) are included in kit 222312.
Apply pipe sealant (36{) to all male threads except at
swivel connections.
1. Remove the suction tube (25), fittings (52 and 53),
hose (24), and adapter (12). See Fig. 5. Keep
these parts for use later.
2. Screw nipple (54) and then the tee (48{) into the
elbow (11) at the pump fluid inlet. Screw the 1 x
3/4 npt bushing (55) and then the 3/4 npt x 1/4 npt
bushing (49{) into the branch of the tee. See Fig.
3. Reconnect the bushing (12), hose (24), fittings (52
and 53), and suction tube (25).
4. Install the CIRC end of the three-way ball valve
(40{) in the bushing (49{). Screw a bushing (39{)
onto the IN branch of the three-way valve. Con-
nect the rigid end of the 45_ union (38{) to this
bushing. Screw the swivel end of the union (38{)
onto the braided hose (37{). Connect this hose to
the main fluid return line. See Fig. 6.
5. Screw another bushing (39{) onto the DRAIN end
of the three-way valve (40{). Connect the nylon
fluid hose (41{) to this bushing, and connect the
return tube (42{) to the other end of the hose.
Place the return tube in the fluid supply container.
To reduce the risk of overpressurizing
your system, which could cause compo-
nent rupture and serious injury, never
exceed 90 psi (6 bar, 600 kPa) incoming air pres-
sure to the pump.
6. Install the warning label (51) as shown in Fig. 6.
7. Connect the air and fluid hoses and the spray gun
as explained on page 6.