Graco 245185 Water Pump User Manual

Model 254187 Shown
Fig. 7
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Pressure Relief Procedure
The system pressure must be manually
relieved to prevent the system from
starting or spraying accidentally. Fluid
under high pressure can be injected through the
skin and cause serious injury. To reduce the risk of
an injury from injection, splashing fluid, or moving
parts, follow the Pressure Relief Procedure
whenever you:
D are instructed to relieve the pressure,
D stop spraying,
D check or service any of the system equipment,
D or install or clean the spray tips.
1. Lock the gun trigger safety.
2. Shut off the air supply to the pump.
3. Close the bleed-type master air valve (required in
your system).
4. Unlock the gun trigger safety.
5. Hold a metal part of the gun firmly to the side of a
grounded metal pail, and trigger the gun to relieve
6. Lock the gun trigger safety.
7. Open the drain valve (required in your system),
having a container ready to catch the drainage.
8. Leave the drain valve open until you are ready to
spray again.
If you suspect that the spray tip or hose is completely
clogged, or that pressure has not been fully relieved
after following the steps above, very slowly loosen the
tip guard retaining nut or hose end coupling and relieve
pressure gradually, then loosen completely. Now clear
the tip or hose.
Packing Nut/Wet-Cup
Before starting, fill the packing nut (U) 1/3 full with
Graco Throat Seal Liquid (TSL) or compatible solvent.
See Fig. 7.
To reduce the risk of serious injury whenever you
are instructed to relieve pressure, always follow the
Pressure Relief Procedure at left.
The packing nut is torqued at the factory and is ready
for operation. If it becomes loose and there is leaking
from the throat packings, relieve pressure, then tighten
the nut as specified in your separate pump manual. Do
this whenever necessary. Do not overtighten the
packing nut.
Flush the Pump Before First Use
Pumps are tested with lightweight oil which is left in to
protect the pump parts. To prevent contamination of
the fluid, flush the pump with a compatible solvent
before using it.