Graco 245185 Water Pump User Manual

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Improper grounding, poor ventilation, open flames or sparks can cause a hazardous condition and
result in a fire or explosion and serious injury.
D Ground the equipment and the object being sprayed. Refer to Grounding on page 5.
D If there is any static sparking or you feel an electric shock while using this equipment, stop spray-
ing immediately. Do not use the equipment until you identify and correct the problem.
D Provide fresh air ventilation to avoid the buildup of flammable fumes from solvents or the fluid
being sprayed.
D Keep the spray area free of debris, including solvent, rags, and gasoline.
D Electrically disconnect all equipment in the spray area.
D Extinguish all open flames or pilot lights in the spray area.
D Do not smoke in the spray area.
D Do not turn on or off any light switch in the spray area while operating or if fumes are present.
D Do not operate a gasoline engine in the spray area.
Hazardous fluid or toxic fumes can cause serious injury or death if splashed in the eyes or on the skin,
inhaled, or swallowed.
D Know the specific hazards of the fluid you are using.
D Store hazardous fluid in an approved container. Dispose of hazardous fluid according to all local,
state and national guidelines.
D Always wear protective eyewear, gloves, clothing and respirator as recommended by the fluid and
solvent manufacturer.