Frigidaire FSC18CH8MV Air Conditioner User Manual

Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning the air filter
A clogged air filter reduces the cooling
efficiency of this unit. Please clean the
filter once every 2 weeks.
1. Lift the indoor unit panel up to an
angle until it stops with a clicking
2. Take hold of the handle of the air
filter and lift it up slightly to take it
out from the filter holder, then pull it
3. Remove the AIR FILTER from the
indoor unit.
Clean the AIR FILTER once two
Clean theAIR FILTER with a
vacuum cleaner or water, then dry
it up in cool place.
4. Remove the air freshening filter
from its support frame (The
installation and removing method
of the air freshening filter is
different depending on the models,
see the pictures marked 1 and 2 on
the left.. Clean the air freshening
filter at least once a month, and
replace it every 4-5 months.
Clean it with vacuum cleaner, then
dry it in cool place.
5. Install the air freshening filter back
into position.
6. Insert the upper portion of air filter
back into the unit taking care that
the left and right edges line up
correctly and place filter into
Cleaning the indoor unit and remote
1. Use a dry cloth to wipe the indoor
unit and remote controller.
.2. A cloth dampened with cold water
may be used on the indoor unit if it
is very dirty.
3.. The front panel of the indoor unit
can be removed and cleaned with
water. Then wipe it with a dry cloth.
4.. Do not use a chemically treated
cloth or duster to clean the unit.
6. Do not use benzine, thinner,
polishing powder, or similar
solvents for cleaning. These may
cause the plastic surface to crack
or deform.
If you plan to idle the unit for a long
1. Operate the fan for about half a day
to dry the inside of the unit.
2. Stop the air conditioner and
disconnect power.
Remove the batteries from the
remote controller.
3. The outdoor unit requires periodic
maintenance and cleaning. Do not
attempt to do this yourself. Contact
your dealer or servicer.
Checks before operation
1. Check that the wiring is not broken
off or disconnected.
2. Check that the air filter is installed.
3. Check if the air outlet or inlet is
blocked after the air conditioner
has not been used for a long time.
It is necessary to stop the air
conditioner and disconnect the power
supply before cleaning.
Do not touch the metal parts of the
unit when removing the filter. Injuries
can occur when handling sharp
metal edges.
Do not use water to clean inside the
air conditioner.
Exposure to water can destroy the
insulation, leading to possible
electric shock.
When cleaning the unit, first make
sure that the power and circuit
breaker are turned off.