Frigidaire FSC18CH8MV Air Conditioner User Manual

4. Flaring work.
A) Firmly hold copper pipe in a die
in thedimension shown in the table
Tightening connection
1. Align pipes to be connected.
2. Sufficiently tighten the flare nut with
fingers, and then tighten it with a
spanner and torque wrench as
Flare nut
B'a_,__ Copper pipe
Clamp handle
Caution: Excessive torque can
break nut depending on installation
Electrical work
Electric safety regulations for the initial installation
1. If there is serious safety problem
about the power supply, the
technicians should refuse to install
the air conditioner and explain to
the client until the problem is
2. Power voltage should be in the
range of 90%-110%of rated
3. The creepage protector and main
power switch with a 1.5 times
capacity of Max. Current of the unit
should be installed in power circuit.
4. Ensure the air conditioner is
grounded well.
5. According to the attached Electrical
Connection Diagram located on the
panel of the outdoor unit to connect
the wire.
6. All wiring must comply with local
and national electrical codes and be
installed by qualified and skilled
7. An individual branch circuit and
single receptacle used only for this
air conditioner must be available.
See the following table for
suggested wire sizes and fuse
Indoor unit
Note: The suppfy voltage must be consistent with the rate voltage of the air conditioner,