Frigidaire FSC18CH8MV Air Conditioner User Manual

Settlement of outdoor
unitAnchor the outdoor unit with a
bolt and nut 10 or 8 tightly
and horizontally on a concrete or
rigid mount.
Drain elbow installation
Fit the seat into the drain elbow, then
insert the drain elbow into
the base pan hole of outdoor unit,
rotate 90 ° to securely assemble them.
Connecting the drain elbow with an
extension drain hose (Locally
purchased), in case of the water
draining off the outdoor unit during the
heating mode.
Seal Drain elbow Drain elbow
'_ All outlet
Base pan hole
of outdoor unit
Refrigerant piping connection
Flaring work
Main cause for refrigerant leakage is
due to defect in the flaring work.
Carry out correct flaring work sing the
following procedure:
Cut the pipes and the cable.
A) Use the piping kit accessory or
pipes purchased locally.
B) Measure the distance between
the indoor and the outdoor unit.
C) Cut the pipes a little longer than
the measured distance.
D) Cut the cable 1.5m longer than
the pipe length.
Burr removal.
A) Completely remove all burrs
from the cut cross section of
B) Put the end of the copper
tube/pipe in a downward direction
as you remove burrs in order to
avoid dropping burrs into the
Putting nut on.
A) Remove flare nuts attached to
indoor and outdoor unit, then put
them on pipe/tube having
completed burr removat.(not
possible to put them on after flaring
Right Wrong
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