Frigidaire FSC18CH8MV Air Conditioner User Manual

Test running Preparing the device for operation
Perform test running after completing gas leak and electrical safety check.
The test running time should last more than 30 minutes.
1. Open the panel and lift the panel
up to an angle which remains
fixed. Do not lift the panel any
further when it stops with a click
2. Press the manual control button
twice until the operating indicator
lights up, the unit wilt operate on
Forced Cool mode.
3. Check if all the functions works welt
during test running. Especially
check whether the drainage of
indoor unit is smooth or not.
4. Press the manual switch button
again after finishing the test
running. The operating indicator
turns dark and the unit stops
1. Contact a specialist to install the device.
2. Guarantee that the unit is appropriately fastened and complies with all of the
aforementioned safety norms.
3. Before operating the air conditioner, ensure that the air filter is installed
4. If the unit has been out of use for a long period of time, it is recommended
that the air filter be cleaned before use. During continuous use, clean the air
filter every two weeks.
5. This air conditioner was designed for use under the following conditions:
The button for the
manuaI control of the
unit will have
one of the following
Auto/Cool ®
Manual control
Manual control 1"t
Button /
Auto ®
Cool ®
* (-5°C_43°C only coo! system)
1. If air conditioner is used outside of
the above conditions, certain safety
protection features may come into
operation and cause the unit to
function abnormally.
2. Room relative humidity less than
80%. If the air conditioner operates
in excess of this figure, the surface
of the air conditioner may attract
condensation. Please sets the
vertical air flow louver to its
maximum angle (vertically to the
floor), and set HIGH fan mode.
3. Optimum performance wit! be
achieved within these operating