Frigidaire FSC18CH8MV Air Conditioner User Manual

After the confirmation of the above conditions, prepare the wiring as follows:
1. Never fail to have an individual power circuit specifically for the air
conditioner. As for the method of wiring, be guided by the circuit diagram
posted on the inside of control cover.
2. The screw which fasten the wiring in the casing of electrical fittings are
liable to come loose from vibrations to which the unit is subjected during
the course of transportation. Check them and make sure that they are al!
tightly fastened. (tf they are loose, it could cause burn-out of the wires.)
3. Specification of power source.
4. Confirm that electrical capacity is sufficient.
5. See to that the starting voltage is maintained at more than 90 percent of the
rated voltage marked on the name plate.
6. Confirm that the cable thickness is as specified in the power source
7. Always install an earth leakage circuit breaker in a wet or moist area.
8. The following would be caused by voltage drop. Vibration of a magnetic
switch, which wi!l damage the contact point, fuse breaking, disturbance of
the normal function of the overload.
9. The means for disconnection from a power supply shall be incorporated in
the fixed wiring and have an air gap contact separation of at least 3mm in
each active (phase) conductors.
Air purge
The air and moisture that remain in the refrigeration system have undesirable
effects, as detailed below:
1. Pressure in the system rises.
2. IOperating current rises..
3 Cooling or heating efficiency drops.
4. TMoisture in the refrigerant circuit
may freeze and block capillary
5. VVater may lead to corrosion of
parts in the refrigeration system.
6. Therefore, the indoor unit and
tubing between the indoor and
outdoor unit must be leak tested
and evacuated to remove any
noncondensables and moisture
from the system..
Air purging with vacuum pump
1. Check that each tube (both liquid and gas side tubes) between the indoor
and outdoor units have been properly connected and all wiring for the test
run has been completed. Remove the service valve caps from both the gas
and the liquid side on the outdoor unit. Note that both the liquid and the gas
side service valves on the outdoor unit are kept closed at this stage.
2. When relocate the unit to another place, perform evacuation using vacuum
3. To type refrigerant R407C, make sure the refrigerant added into the air
conditioner is liquid form in any case.
4. Pipe length and refrigerant amount:
Caution in handling the packed valve
1. Open the valve stem until it hits against the stopper. Do not try to open it
2. Securely tighten the valve stem cap with aspanner or the like. Valve stem cap
tightening torque (See tightening torque table in page 17).
Refrigerant _// Flare nut
outdoor unit indoor unit
A Gas C -- Stopper
Half union Valve body ' _
Packed valve
Valv_ stem