Frigidaire FSC18CH8MV Air Conditioner User Manual

Indoor unit installation
Installation plate drilling and assembly
150mm or more to ceiling
Indoor unit outline Installationplate
f"..... i
or more i _ o
to wall ' _ oJ
Right refrigerant _" "................... "_....................pipe hole: a 65
120ram or more
to wall
Right refrigerant
pipe hole G 65
A:780(Modelos< 16000 Btu/h), 920(Modelos>f 16000 Btu/h)
Fixing the installation plate:
1. Fit the installation plate horizontally
on structural parts of the walt with
spaces around the installation
2. If the wal! is made of brick,
concrete or the like, drill eight (8)
5mm diameter holes in the wall.
Insert Clip anchor for appropriate
mounting screws.
3. Fit the installation plate on the wall
with eight (8) type "A" screws..
Fit the Installation Plate and drill holes in
the wall according to the wall structure
and corresponding mounting points on
the installation plate. (Dimensions are in
"mm" unless otherwise stated)
Placa de instalaci6n
© ® ®
Drill a hole in the wall
1. Determine hole positions according
to the diagram detailed in figure
beside. Drill one (!) hole (65mm)
slanting slightly to outdoor side.
2. Always use wal! hole conduit when
drilling metal grid, metal plate or
the like..
Indoorunit ] _ I Outd°°r unit l
Connective pipe and drainage installation
1. Run the drain hose sloping
downward. Do not install the drain
hose as illustrated beside.
2. When connection extension drain
hose, insulate the connecting part
of extension drain hose with a
shield pipe.
Connection pipe
1. For the left-hand and right-hand
piping, remove the rear plate
bushing from the left side of the
rear plate.
Explain to clients that the pipe
cover must be kept as it may be
used when relocate the air
conditioner to any other place.
2. For the left-hand and rearqeft-hand
piping, install the piping as shown.
Bend the connective pipe to be
laid at 43mm height or less from
the wall.
_Do not block r//i Do not block
water flow _1 water flow
Do not put the end of
hose into water.
Piper Pipe holder Pipe
cover (right) Cover (left)
_ Left back
Right piping _ Right back piping
Indoor unit outline
Connective pipe
, VE
, E
I co
Fastening the indoor unit
Pass the drain hose through the hole
in the wall and connect the indoor unit
to the installation plate, pressing the
indoor part of the installation plate
hook \