Kenmore 790 Stove User Manual

Setting Oven Controls (cont’d)
NOTE: The broiler pan
& the insert allows
grease to drain and be
kept away from the high
heat of the broiler. DO
NOT use the pan
without the insert (some
models). DO NOT cover
the insert with foil; the
exposed grease could
Should an oven
fire occur, close the oven door
and turn the oven OFF. If the fire
continues, use a fire
extinguisher. DO NOT put water
or flour on the fire. Flour may be
Broil Rack Position Table (Refer to Fig. 1)
Position Food category
5 Medium-rare steaks & hamburgers
4 Fish, medium steaks & pork chops
3 Well-done foods such as chicken & lobster
5. Place the insert on the broil pan, then place the food on
the insert (See Fig. 1; some models). DO NOT use the
broil pan without the insert or cover the insert with
aluminum foil. The exposed fat could ignite.
6. If needed, arrange oven rack to desired postion. Place
the pan on the oven rack. Close the oven door when
7. Broil on one side until food is browned. Turn and broil
food on 2nd side.
Note: Always pull the oven rack out to the stop position
before turning or removing the food.
8. When broiling is finished, press .
To Operate the Oven Light
The interior oven light will automatically turn ON when the oven
door is opened. Press to turn the interior oven light ON
and OFF whenever the oven door is closed.
The interior oven light is located at the upper left rear wall of the
oven interior and is covered with a glass shield held by a wire
holder. The glass shield must be in place whenever the oven is
in use. To change the interior oven light, see "Changing the
Oven Light" in the General Care & Cleaning section.
To Set Add 1 Minute Feature
The ADD 1 MINUTE pad is used to set additional
minutes to the Minute Timer. Each time the
pad is
pressed, another minute is added to the Minute Timer if the
Minute Timer is already active. If the Minute Timer is not
active and the
pad is pressed, the Minute Timer feature
will become active and will begin counting down from 1
minute. For further information on how to set the Minute
Timer feature see To Set the Minute Timer instructions in
the Setting Oven Controls section.
To Set the Recipe Recall Feature
The RECIPE RECALL pad is used to set the Recipe
Recall feature. This feature will ONLY recall a previous
Bake, Timed Bake or a Timed Bake with a Warm &
Hold added setting. This feature will not work with any other
function including a Delayed Timed Bake setting.
To Program the Oven to Begin Baking Immediately
and record a Recipe:
1. Place the food in the oven.
2. Press . " — — — ° " appears in the display.
3. Within 5 seconds, press the or . The display will
show "350°F (177°C)." By holding the or , the
temperature can then be adjusted in 5°F increments
(1°C if the control is set to display Celsius).
4. The oven will turn ON and begin heating.
5. Press and hold pad for at least 3 seconds or until a
beep sounds. The beep indicates that this recipe has
been recorded for future recall.
To Program the Oven to Begin Baking with a stored
1. Place the food in the oven.
2. Press .
3. Within 5 seconds, press the or .The oven will
begin to immediately cook with the previously recorded
recipe. The Temperature is recalled and if a Timed Bake
was recorded this feature will also recall the cooking
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 2