GE E4H Series Water System User Manual

2.0 INST
2.1 Mounting
E4H machines are equipped with a stand alone frame, 61-inch (155-cm) H x 132-inch (335
cm) W x 34-inch (86 cm) D, which supports the machine. At least 45 inches
(114 cm) of space should be allowed on each end of the membrane element housings for
removal and loading of membrane elements. If 45-inches (114 cm) are not available, the
entire membrane element housing may need to be removed for membrane element
2.2 Piping
2.2.1 Inlet Piping
The feed water source is piped to the inlet using 1.5-inch NPT fittings. A CIP
system is supplied with the DLX Model E4H. FOR ECN MODEL: To install a
CIP system, remove plug and install valves on the E-Series machine as described
in Section 2.2.2. If the inlet pressure is in excess of 60 psig (4.1bar) or fluctuates
by more than 5 psig (0.4 bar), a pressure regulator should be installed ahead of the
CIP tee.
2.2.2 Required Valves for Clean-In-Place
: Clean-In-Place (CIP) valves are only required for Economy (ECN)
TANT NOTE: GE Osmonics has installed a plugged pipe tee in the
inlet line of the E4H units. This plug, when removed,
will facilitate cleaning of the unit. A tee with (two)
two-way valves or a single three-way valve should also
be installed on the permeate and concentrate outlets to
allow flow back to the cleaning tank. Never operate
the machine with the concentrate or permeate lines
blocked. Severe damage to the unit may result. (Refer
to the attached drawing # 1163858 for a system flow
2.2.3 Concentrate Outlet Connection
Install the CIP valve on the concentrate outlet tee, connect a 1-inch hose or pipe,
and run it to an open drain. To avoid drainage from the machine while not in use,
the concentrate outlet piping should be placed at a height at least equal to the
height of the machine. A siphon break may also be installed in the concentrate line
for added protection. The concentrate outlet hose can be any length, and the diam-
eter should match the outlet on the machine. [Maximum back pressure is 60 psig
(4.1 barg).]