Ariston 41-116-38 Boiler User Manual

Combustion checking procedure
The order of operations for this procedure must always be
Operation 1 - Supply pressure check
Loosen the screw 1 and insert the pressure gauge connection
pipe into the pipe tap.
Switch the boiler on at maximum power.
To activate combustion test function:
- Press the mode selector to ensure the +
icons displayed.
- Pres & hold the reset button for 10 seconds. ‘Test’ will appear
on the screen. Ensure the boiler is on max power by rotating
the encoder.
The supply pressure should correspond to the value established
in relation to the type of gas ,for which the boiler is designed see
Table summarising changes.
Operation 2 - Preparing the measuring equipment
Connect the calibrated  ue gas analyser to the left-hand
combustion outlet by unscrewing the screw and removing the
blanking cover.
Operation 3 - Adjusting the CO2 at maximum gas  ow rate
(domestic hot water)
Draw o the domestic hot water at the maximum water  ow rate
(if a combi).
Select the Test function by pressing the
RESET button for 10 seconds.
WARNING! When the cleaning function is activated, the
temperature of the water
coming out of the boiler may
be more than 65°C.
On the display appear TEST
and the icon . The boiler is
foced to the maximum heating
Rotate the encoder
forced the boiler at the
maximum DHW power. On the
display appear the icon
Wait 1 minute for the boiler to
stabilise before carrying out the combustion analyses.
Read the CO2 value (%) and compare it with the values given in
the table below
N.B.: values with the casing closed.
If the CO2 value (%) read di ers from the values given in the
table, then adjust the gas valve following the instructions below,
otherwise move directly onto operation 4.
Adjusting the gas valve
at maximum gas  ow
Adjust the gas valve by
turning setting screw 4
clockwise in increments to
reduce the CO2 level (a 1
turn adjusts the CO2 level
by approximately 0.2%).
Wait 1 minute after each
change in setting for the
CO2 value to stabilise.
If the value measured corresponds to the value given in the
table, max adjustment is complete, otherwise start the setting
procedure again.
N.B. The Test function is automatically deactivated after 10
minutes or manually by brie y pressing the RESET button.
18 24 30 38
Gas CO
G20 9,0±0,2
G31 10,0±0,2