Ariston 41-116-38 Boiler User Manual

Connecting the Flue
Flue System
The provision for satisfactory  ue termination must be made as
described in BS 5440-1.
The appliance must be installed so that the  ue terminal is expo-
sed to outdoor air.
The terminal must not discharge into another room or space such
as an outhouse or lean-to.
It is important that the position of the terminal allows a free pas-
sage of air across it at all times.
The terminal should be located with due regard for the damage
or discolouration that might occur on buildings in the vicinity, it
must also be located in a place not likely to cause nuisance.
In cold or humid weather water vapour may condense on leaving
the  ue terminal.
The e ect of such “steaming” must be considered.
If the terminal is less than 2 metres above a balcony, above ground
or above a  at roof to which people have access, then a suitable
stainless steel terminal guard must be  tted.
The minimum acceptable spacing from the terminal to obstruc-
tions and ventilation openings are speci ed in Fig. 1.
- A Directly below an opening, window, etc 300 mm
- B Horizontally to an opening, window, etc 300 mm
- C Below gutters, soils pipes or drain pipes 75 mm
- D Below eaves 200 mm
- E From vertical drain pipe or soil pipe 75 mm
- F From internal or external corner 300 mm
- G Above ground, roof or balcony level 300 mm
- H From a surface facing the terminal 600 mm
- I From a terminal facing a terminal 1200 mm
- J Vertically from a terminal on the same wall 1500 mm
- K Horizontally from an terminal on the same wall 300 mm
- L Fixed by vertical  ue terminal
Fig. 1
118 mm
150 mm
Minimum Length = 500 mm
180 mm
Fig. 2