Ariston 41-116-38 Boiler User Manual

Fitting the 5” Flue
(Ø 80 / 125 Horizontal/vertical)
Once the boiler has been positioned on the wall, it is necessary to
insert the Ø80/125 adaptor (Fig. 5) for both horizontal and vertical
ue runs into the boiler  ue socket (not supplied with  ue kit -
Part No 3318095).
Push the adaptor onto the boilers  ue connection, grease the seals
then add extensions or elbows as required, secure the adaptor,
using the clamp and screws provided.
To  t extensions or elbows it is  rst necessary to ensure that the
lip seal is  tted correctly into the inner  ue, once veri ed, it is
simply necessary to push them together, no clamps are necessary
to secure the  ue components.
Before proceeding to  t the  ue, ensure that the maximum  ue
length has not been exceeded (See the tables) and that all elbows
and bends have been taken into consideration, for each additional
90° elbow 1 metre must be subtracted from the total  ue length,
and for each 45° 0.5 metres must be subtracted from the total  ue
length (the height of the vertical adaptor and a 45° bend can be
seen in Fig.6 and a 90° bend in Fig. 7).
Note: DO NOT cut the vertical  ue kit.
180 mm
Total length
of Vertical Kit
1240 mm
5" Adaptor
Part no: 3318095
* This length will vary
according to the type
of ashing installed
Useable length
of Vertical ue
575 mm*
Fig. 5
Fig. 4
Fig. 6
Fig. 7