American Water Heater AHCG3/HCG360T120 Water Heater User Manual

4. Changing the Display Units
The display interface to the heater has the option of selecting between de-
grees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius for temperature displays. This can be
found in the “Display Settings” menu. Also in this menu, you may adjust how
the backlight operates and the contrast of the LCD screen.
From the Main Menu, press the DOWN button to highlight "Display Set-
tings" then press Select.
Use the UP and DOWN buttons to highlight the desired setting. Then
press Change. Again, use the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll through the
options for that setting.
Press Update to accept the change or Cancel to reject it.
5. Fault and Warning Conditions
This water heater is equipped with electronic controls that have the ability
to monitor almost all aspects of the water heater operation. In the case that
there is an undesirable or unsafe condition that occurs, the water heater
controls will detect this condition and determine the appropriate action. Part
of this is displaying the information on the LCD in plain text that accurately
describes the condition and diagnostics information that can be used to
correct the issue.
There are two types of conditions that can occur during operation. These
are Warnings and Faults:
Warnings: This is a non-safety related condition that the control has
detected that may cause the water heater to operate in a less than optimal
condition, but does not pose a safety concern.
NOTE: When these conditions occur, continued heating cycles will continue
and the heater will attempt to regulate the water in the tank to the Operating
Set Point.
Example of a Warning:
• Faults: This is a safety related condition that has been detected by the
NOTE: When these conditions occur, the water heater will not continue any
further heating cycles and the water will no longer be heated until the condi-
tion is corrected and, in most cases, power has been cycled.
Example of a Fault:
Advanced Diagnostics Information
When a fault or warning has been declared, advanced information can be
found in the control. By pressing the Advanced button, detailed information
can be found regarding diagnosing and resolving the problem.
WARNING: Usage of the Advanced information requires ability equiva-
lent to that of a licensed tradesmen in the eld involved.
6. Access to the Current Fault or Warning
When a fault or warning has been detected by the control, it will automatically
be displayed on the screen and the back light will blink. If you choose to
leave the current fault or warning by pressing the Back key, you can always
return to the fault screen through the menu.