American Water Heater AHCG3/HCG360T120 Water Heater User Manual

1. Overview
Interaction with the water heater controller is done through an up, a down, and three operation buttons. These buttons are illustrated to the right. Operation
of the three lower buttons is dened immediately above them on the screen. The [UP] and [DN] buttons are used to navigate through the menus and make
adjustments to the water heater.
While the water heater is operating, the user interface will display the desktop screen (if there are no active faults or warnings). An example of this screen
is shown to the right. The rst temperature on this screen is the temperature of the water inside the tank. The second temperature on this screen is the
Operating Set Point. The Operating Set Point is the temperature at which the water heater will maintain the water inside the tank. The third line on the
screen is a text description of the Operational State of the water heater (please see Operating States for more details).
The following status icons describe graphically operational details of the heater. The legend of all the status icons is listed below.