Trane PTEC1501JCA Air Conditioner User Manual

Subbase Kit
The fully skirted subbase conceals wiring
while providing strong support. A plug-in
receptacle and field wiring access
expedites installation. Electrical
accessories such as fuse holders, circuit
breakers and disconnect switches meet
N.E.C. requirements.
Fuse Holder Kit
Cartridge-style fuses can be installed in
the fuse holder for use in the subbase or
chassis. It is available in 15, 20 and 30
amp and included on the 265 volt unit.
Power Disconnect Switch
The power disconnect switch can be
used for 265 or 208/230 volt physical
disconnect where required by local
codes. The switch is rated at 30 amp
capacity. The switch is for use with
Trane’s standard subbases or hard
wire kit.
Condensate Drain Kit
This kit attaches to the wall sleeve base
pan for controlled internal or external
disposal of condensate and defrost
Outdoor Grilles
Outdoor grilles are available in stamped
aluminum and an attractive extruded
aluminum architectural grille.
Security Key Locks
The installation of Trane’s security key
locks helps prevent tampering of the
controls used to set temperature,
heating and cooling functions. Locks are
available for all PTAC models.
Remote Temperature Sensor
This sensor allows for inexpensive
temperature sensing on an internal wall
for more accurate temperature control.
Deflector Baffle Kit
The kit includes two air deflection baffles.
These deflectors direct the air in toward
the center and away from the inlet to
prevent recirculation of the hot
condenser air. This kit is
to be used
when the outdoor grille is provided by
Hard-Wire Kit
This kit is used to permanently wire to
chassis when standard subbase and
power cord are not utilized.
Circuit Breaker Kit
The circuit breaker kit, available in 15, 20,
25 or 30 amp, can be used with Trane’s
subbases. It gives overcurrent protection
and its location allows turning unit on or
off without tools.
Power Vent and Damper Kit
Installation of the power vent can
increase the cfm to 70. The damper will
automatically close when unit is not
Power Door Kit
Door will power open to allow fresh air
when the unit fan is on and spring
closed when the unit fan is off.