Trane PTEC1501JCA Air Conditioner User Manual

Features and
When the filter needs to be cleaned or
replaced, the filter access door tilts
forward for easy access. For more
extensive service, the unit slides out of
the sleeve easily for full access to all
working components.
Remote Thermostat Control
Each unit is built to be operated from a
remote-mounted thermostat, if desired.
Even if it is started without a remote, a
built-in low voltage power source can
accommodate a large variety of
thermostat choices — manual, auto
changeover or programmable — at a
later date.
Remote Temperature Sensing
Occupants enjoy ultimate comfort with
consistent climate control. Attach an
optional, inexpensive remote thermistor
temperature sensing device and
temperatures are held more closely to
the chosen room setting.
Attractive and Compact Design
The unit front has a sleek seven-inch
depth, one of the shallowest silhouettes
in the industry today. To inhibit
tampering, the front can be secured to
the chassis with hidden screws.
Our unit’s new stylish design and neutral
color make it compatible with virtually
any room decor or architectural design. It
blends into the room’s color scheme.
Special Paint Protection
The electrodeposition paint system on
the exterior panels assure the unit and
wall sleeve will withstand years of
moisture and atmospheric pollutants
without giving up its looks to rust and
Ease of Installation and Servicing
After the sleeve is in place, plug in or
directly hard-wire the unit and it is ready
to run. This unit has been designed to
replace most competitors’ units. In fact
this unit can fit into most existing
sleeves, making replacement of old or
inefficient units easy and economical.
And of course, the units may be installed
flush with the outside wall.
The main components are easily
serviced; the unit is easy to diagnose or
troubleshoot to spot potential problems.