Trane PTEC1501JCA Air Conditioner User Manual

Unit Chassis
Each unit will be slide-out design shipped
with room cabinet front installed. Unit
chassis will have the ability to be installed
with zero reversing clearance from
finished floor. An electrical power cord
will be included with chassis and
installed by the manufacturer to assure
proper NEMA 6 or 7 configuration and
UL approved length. Unit will be tested
for conformance to ASTME water
infiltration specification ASTME 331-86
which assures no water infiltration when
tested at eight inches of rain per hour at
63 mph wind for 15 minutes.
Room Cabinet/Front Panel
The room cabinet/front panel will have
sloped discharge so that obstructions are
not placed on unit. The discharge
conditioned air can be directed into the
room at an angle of 15 to 40 degrees
from the vertical position. The discharge
grille will be a polycarbonate material to
resist bending, cracking, rusting and
corrosion. The front panel will be able to
be field secured to chassis to inhibit
tampering. Cabinet depth will be seven-
inch to minimize unit’s impact on room
The filter will be accessible without
removing room front. Filter material will
be nylon mesh, permanent cleanable.
Condenser/Evaporator Fans
One direct drive with a permanent split
capacitor two-speed motor. The
condenser fan will be propeller type and
the indoor evaporator fan will be a
centrifugal blower type.
Cooling Condensate Removal
High humidity conditions may call for
condensate removal system. The
outdoor fan diffuses water directly on to
the outdoor condenser coil for rapid
evaporation and increased cooling
The compressor will be hermetically
sealed, internally isolated, rotary-type
and permanently mounted on rubber
isolators. No removal or adjustment of
compressor hold down bolts will be
required during installation.
Coils will have rifled copper tubing
expanded into rippled-edge louvered
aluminum fins.
Heat Pumps
Heat pumps will include a changeover
thermostat that senses an outside coil
switch-over temperature of 25°F,
lock-open refrigerant valve during heat
pump operation, temperature-activated
defrost drain and automatic emergency
heat operation to override the heat
pump’s changeover thermostat and
bring on electric resistance heaters in the
event of a sealed system failure. Unit will
not operate compressor and electric
heaters simultaneously.
Outside Air Damper/Vent Control
The vent control will allow 65 to 70 cfm
of fresh air to be drawn into the room.
This fresh air can provide ventilation
when the blower is operating. To obtain
access to the vent control, remove the
cabinet front. The vent control lever is on
the left side of the chassis. The control
lever must be rotated to either open or
close the damper. Actual vent cfm
performance will vary due to application
and installation conditions.
Filtered Outdoor Air Intake
The outdoor air intake will be filtered
with a talc-filled polypropylene filter that
will reduce dust from coming into the
Paint System Corrosion Protection
All units are built with hot-dipped
galvanized steel. Metal parts are then run
through a six-stage zinc phosphate
cleaner/pretreatment, painted with a
cathodic electroplating of an epoxy resin
paint and baked for 20 minutes at 350°F.
All exterior parts that are exposed to
sunlight get an additional coating of
polyester and are baked for 20 minutes
at 350°F for additional protection from
the fading effects of ultraviolet rays. This
paint process makes the unit highly
resistant to normal rust, corrosion and
fading. It is the best paint process in the
industry today.
Corrosion-Resistant Chassis (Standard
The condenser coil is painted using
cathodic electrocoat. The bottom ¼ of the
compressor is coated with a water borne
resin. The outdoor side of interior parts
are top coated, in addition, the base pan
is cathodic electrocoated.