Trane PTEC1501JCA Air Conditioner User Manual

Wall Sleeves
Wall sleeves shall be industry standard
size of 13¾”D x 42”W x 16
Extended Wall Sleeves
Extended wall sleeves shall be industry
standard size of 18”D x 42”W x 16
or 24” D x 42”W x 16
Drain Kit
Drain kit attaches to the bottom of the
wall sleeve for directional controlled
internal or external disposal of
condensate and defrost water.
Outdoor Grilles
Outdoor grilles are available as
architectural extruded, anodized
aluminum and four standard colors.
Special colors are also available or
standard stamped aluminum.
Condenser Baffle Kit
The condenser baffle kit is required
when replacing an existing packaged
terminal unit and/or the original outdoor
grille is not made by Trane. These baffles
are required to deflect discharge air
away from the inlet, preventing
recirculation of hot condenser air.
Leveling Legs Kit
Attaches easily to the wall sleeve for
support and accurate unit leveling on
units without subbases. Adjustable from
” to 5 ¼
Subbases are prewired to facilitate field
electrical connections and include a
NEMA 6 or 7 configuration electrical
receptacle. The subbases include two
leveling screws for sleeve support and
accurate unit leveling during installation.
Subbases include locations for field
installation of physical disconnect
switches, cartridge-style fuse holders
and circuit breakers. Side skirts will be
included with subbases.
Power Disconnect Switch Kit
A power disconnect switch must be
installed in hard-wire junction or
subbase for use as a physical disconnect
where required by local codes.
Circuit Breaker Kit
A circuit breaker kit is installed in the
subbase to provide overcurrent
protection for proper 208/230 volt
amperage. Can also be used as a
physical disconnect where local codes
permit 208/230 volts.
Fuse Holder Kit
Fuses are included in 265 volt units. For
208/230 volts, these kits allow fusing in
15, 20 and 30 amps. Fuses are not
included. Fuse holders must be installed
in the unit or subbase.
Hard-Wire Junction Box Kit
Provides for easy electrical connection
when permanent wiring is required.
Hard-wire kit must be used on 265 volt
units if subbases are not used.
Duct Transition and Extended Kit
A main duct transition piece will attach to
the discharge of the unit and a duct
extension will be attached to the
transition piece to carry up to 40 percent
of the conditioned air to the adjoining
Powered Outside Vent
and Damper Kit
An optional power vent kit can be
installed to increase cfm to 95. The
power damper will automatically open
when the unit is operating and close
when not powered. Actual vent cfm
performance will vary due to application
and installation conditions.
Hydronic Heat Kit
The hydronic heat kit is a field-installed
package that can attach to air
conditioners to provide central system
hot water or steam heat capability on top
of units. The kit includes left or right-hand
piping. The units retain complete service
access with kit installed.
Control Valves
24 volt water valves are available in
either two-way or three-way for 208/230
volt units and 265 volt units. 24 volt
steam valves are also available for
208/230 and 265 volt units.
Remote/Wall Thermostats
Manual changeover thermostat
One-stage heat, One-stage cool and Off
Automatic changeover thermostat with
Two-stage Heat and One-stage Cool and
Off Switch.
Two-stage Heat (heat pump only) First
stage brings on electric coil when room
temperature is more than 3.8°F cooler
than thermostat setting; then electric
heat will turn off and heat pump cycles
on. Also one-stage Cool with Manual
Two-stage Heat and One-stage Cool with
Manual Changeover and Programmable.
Remote Temperature Sensor
This temperature sensor overrides
standard unit mounted sensor to allow
temperature sensing on internal wall for
more accurate temperature control.
Condensate Removal Pump —Heat
Pump Only
The internal condensate pump serves as
an effective means for disposing of
condensate generated during heat pump
operation by transferring it to the indoor
coil. The warm coil surface and the warm
room air help in evaporation of the
condensate while adding humidity to the
room. As with any equipment of this
type, the addition of this kit will decrease
the sensible heating capacity of the unit.
This kit is not intended for use in
seacoast or corrosive environments.
Note: Under extreme high humidity conditions, the
internal condensate pump may not be able to dispose of
all the condensate produced, and condensate would
then drip from the outside of the wall sleeve. If this
condensation is unacceptable, then a drain system
(including factory approved drain kit for the wall sleeve)
should be installed.
Control Cover Key Lock Kit
Allows the owner to lock the control
panel access to prevent unauthorized