Sears 758.14417 Humidifier User Manual

Using Your Humidifier
Step 1
Be sure humidifier is full of water and
plugged in.
Step 2
Set Speed Control _ to low speed " ° "
Step 3
Set Humidity Control " _ " to medium
NOTE: Humidifier should operate with
humidity control on the recommended
medium setting, if it does not, the humidity
is at a relatively high level. To test the unit
under this condition, turn Humidity Control
all the way to clockwise and unit should
begin to operate. After the unit has been
tested, set Humidity Control to medium or
desired level.
Allow 24 hours for humidifier to adjust.
If humidity level in home is sufficient, the
humidifier will only operate with Humidity
Control turned all the way clockwise.
IMPORTANT: Water damage may result if
condensation starts to form on windows or
walls. Humidity Control setting should be
lowered until condensation no longer
Step 4
If humidifier stops running and BOTH Fill
indicators are not on, the humidity level is
at the normal requirements for that setting
or it is adjusting to the home conditions.
The chart below shows recommended
indoor humidity levels.The figure below
shows approximate relative humidity per-
centages which correspond to the various
settings of the Humidity Control.
When Outdoor Indoor Relative
Temperature is: Humidity is:
-10°F 20%
0°F 25%
10°F 30%
20°F & above 35%
Relative Humidity
Operating Tips for Best Performance
1. Position the humidifier at least 2 inches
from any wall and away from any heat
2. Do not restrict airflow from entering or
exiting the humidifier.
3. Use Sears recommended bacteriostat
42-14900 to retard bacteria growth that
may cause odors and may be harmful
to your health.
4. Perform regular cleaning as instructed
in "Cleaning Your Humidifier" section of
this manual.
5. Replace the evaporative wicking filters
at least once per humidification season
or more depending on water conditions
in your area.