Sears 758.14417 Humidifier User Manual

Operating Humidifier Controls
The operating controls of your Kenmore
Quiet Comfort whole house humidifier are
located on the top center of the humidifier.
The controls are found under the smoked
control cover, located between the air circu-
lating fans.
Lift the control cover by placing your finger
in the round cutout and lifting. The cover will
stay open. Now you can clearly see the con-
trol area. Familiarize yourself with the con-
trols and reference the diagram of the con-
trol area for the correct naming used in this
To Operate the Controls
Humidity Control: O
Adjust the amount of humidity depending on
your needs. The humidifier will turn on and
off as required to maintain level of humidity
selected. A medium setting is recommend-
ed, but there are times when low or high
amount of humidity may be preferred. For
constant operation of humidifier, rotate
humidity knob all the way clockwise. This
allows for the maximum amount of humidity
to be evaporated into the air continuously.
IMPORTANT: Water damage may result if
condensation starts to form on windows or
walls. Humidity Control setting should be
lowered until condensation no longer forms.
Speed Control O
The unit is adjusted from off " | " to high
" " " " " with a rotary speed control. The
higher the air flow speed, the more water is
evaporated and released into the air. Low
speed" "" is the quietest and is provided for
conditions that may not require as high an
evaporation rate.
VIS-FILL Water Bottle Gauges and
Fill Lights
This humidifier is equipped with indepen-
dent (left and right) water level bottle
gauges. When the unit is energized the cen-
ter area of the control panel containing the
gauges and fill indicators will illuminate red
to depict the operation mode. The right bot-
tle as viewed from the front of the humidifier
will always empty first. As it empties the
number of red bars will decrease. When it is
totally empty the Fill Indicator immediately
beside the bars will illuminate. NOTE: The
humidifier will not shut off at this stage.
Once the right bottle empties, the humidifier
will begin to use the water from the left bottle
until it is depleted. At this time the Fill
Indicator beside it will illuminate. There will
still be a slight delay in the unit shutting off
while it depletes the water in the bottom of
the cabinet. At this time or anytime during
normal operation you may fill the water bot-
tles to continue operation. Note: A small
amount of water remains in cabinet after both
Fill Indicators turn on and the unit shuts off.
Bottle _ Right
Gauge Bottle
Left Bottle Right Gauge
Fill Indicator Bottle
Fill Indicator
Manual Dryout
At the end of the humidification season or if
you do not plan to run the humidifier for one
week or more, you can override the auto-
matic shutoff function to completely dry the
humidifier cabinet out.
To do this, simply slide the float retainer locat-
ed at the back of the humidifier cabinet to the
top position of the slot it is located in. This will
hold the float in an upward position and the
fans will run until you turn the power off.
NOTE: Be sure to position float retainer to
the normal operating mode (lowest position
in slot) for humidifier operation.
Below is a diagram of the slot the float retain-
er is located in at the back of the cabinet.
Back of Cabinet