Sears 758.14417 Humidifier User Manual

Trouble Probable Cause Remedy
Unit will not run and no No Power. Check 120 volt power
control panel lights are source.
Unit will not shut off. Float retainer is positioned Slide float retainer down to
in "Manual Dryout" position, normal operation mode.
Refer to "Manual Dryout"
section on page 7.
Free float from obstruction.
Unit will not dry out
Bottles continue to empty.
Neither bottle emptying.
Left bottle not emptying.
Fill Indicators turn on before
bottles are empty.
Note: There may be a little
water still in bottle when Fill
indicator is illuminated. This
is normal.
Float is not free.
Float is positioned in
normal operation mode.
Air is entering water bottles.
Bottle cap plunger missing
post in bottom of cabinet
Dirty filters
Right bottle contains water
Unit is not set up on a level
surface. (Float will not
sense water at the rear of
the cabinet.)
• This is normal. A small
amount of water remains in
the cabinet after Fill Lights
come on, Position float
retainer in "Manual Dryout"
position to completely dry out.
See page 7.
Check "E-Z-Fill Side-Caps"
and valve assembly caps to
ensure tightness.
Check for leak inwater bottles.
Ensure gaskets for "E-Z-Fill
Side Caps" are in place.
Check orientation of bottles.
Reposition so that bottle cap
plunger (stem) is depressed
by post in bottom of cabinet,
Change to fresh new filters.
• The humidifier is designed so
the right bottle empties first.
Continue to run until both fill
lights come on.
Position unit level. (Some
carpet padding may allow
unit to sit lower in front than
rear with the additional
weight of water bottles in
the front of the cabinet.
Install caster pads under
front casters. (See page 4),
CAUTION: Use only 42-14900 EPA Registered Bacteriostat available from Sears Retail
Use of other water treatment products may damage the filter elements.
Under no circumstances should you use water treatment products designed for Roto
belt or Ultrasonic humidifiers.