Sears 758.14417 Humidifier User Manual

Location Instructions
NOTE: Due to release of cool, moist air
from humidifier, it is best to direct air away
from home thermostat and hot air registers.
It is best to position humidifier next to an
inside wall. Hot air registers and cold air
from outside walls can affect the efficiencies
of the controls. Unit should not be placed
where warm air from a hot air register blows
directly on unit.
Moist air (humidity) produced will disperse
into the whole house, but area closest to the
unit will have the highest humidity. If the unit
is positioned close to a window, condensa-
tion may form on the window pane. If this is
not appropriate the unit should be reposi-
tioned in another location.
Electrical Hook-Up
Locate nearest 120V A.C. wall socket in
the location desired, preferably on inside
wall. Plug in the electrical cord.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire
or shock hazard, humidifier should
be plugged into a 120V A.C. outlet. Do
not use extension cords
To reduce the risk of electrical shock, this
humidifier has a polarized plug (one blade
is wider than the other). This plug will fit in
a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug
does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse plug.
Water Fill
Step 2
The humidifier should be positioned with the
back (cord exit side), at least 2 inches away
from the wall. Air needs to enter through the
Iouvres in the rear panel in order for the
humidifier to operate at peak efficiency.
At Least 2" From Wall
_ Caster Pad
_-_ Carpet
NOTE: If positioning on
carpet, place caster pads
under front casters only
.... _=E-'-to level (if necessary).
If it still does not fit, contact a qualified
electrician to install the proper outlet. Do
not change the plug in any way.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of shock,
always unplug humidifier before clean-
ing or servicing.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or
shock hazard, do not pour or spill water
into control or motor area. Close the
control cover. If controls get wet, let
them dry completely and have unit
checked by an authorized service per-
sonnel before plugging in.
This humidifier is designed for use with the
two water bottles that are located under the
pivoting lid.
Open the pivoting lid of the humidifier.
Remove the water bottles by lifting them
straight up and out of the cabinet.
Fan Assembly
/ Pivoting