Sears 385.12814 Sewing Machine User Manual

Oiling the Machine
Oil the machine in all areas shown en this page at least once a year; otherwise the machine can become sluggish or will knock loudly. If yeu use the machine frequently,
ol] the machine under the top cover about every three months, in case machine is not used for an extended time, oil it belore sewing. Use good quality sewing machine
oil. One or two drops o! oil is sufficient. Remove excess oil, otherwise it may stain tabric.
Kenmore sewing machine oil is available at your nearest Sears retail stere.
NOTE: Unplug the machine belore oiting. Remove needle and put needle bar in lull down position.
Face cover plate Cat,/leg Handle
Oil behind the Face Cover Plate and under the Arm Cover Plate
Open race cover plate and/or remove arm cover plate by loosening top screw te oil points in
illustration. Use only a drop of oil; do not over-oil.
Shuttle cover
Oil the Underside
Open the shuttle cover by pulling down the embossed part on
the left side of the cover. Tilt the machine head back and
remove bottom cover. Oil points in illustration.