Sears 385.12814 Sewing Machine User Manual

Adjust the Top Thread Tension
r "h F
Top s}de of fabric
Too \
Set|ing mark
For Straight Stitch
The ideal straight stitch will have threads locked between the two layers of fabric,
as shown above, magnified to show detail.
ifyou look at the stitch, tront and back, you witl notice that there are no gaps, that
each stitch is smooth and even.
When adjusting top thread tension, the higher the number, the tighter the top
Choose the Correct Tension:
The best tension wili depend on;
the stiffness and thickness of the fabric
the number of fabric iayers
the type of stitch
The loplhread
_${oo loose.
The top thread
appears on the
underside ot the
Tension is too loose:
The top thread shows through the
bottom of the fabric. The bottom side ol
the stitch will feet bumpy,
The top thread
_sloo tight,
The bobbin lhread
appeers on the
upper surtace ot _he
k,, j
Tension is too tight:
The bobbin thread wiil come through
the top of the fabric, The top side of the
stitch will feel bumpy.