Sears 385.12814 Sewing Machine User Manual

For Zigzag Stitch
tn a correct zigzag stitch, the bobbin threads will not show on the top side of
fabric and the top threads will show siightly on the bottom side. See below tar the
correct appearance. To match this appearance, adjust the top tension.
Top tension
Too Tight
Top side of Fabrrc
Top tension
Too Loose
_ J
Too side ot Fabric
Just Right
Top side of Fabric
Reverse Stitch Control
k ....... j
To reverse stitch, hold down this control during
Release to sew forward again.
Bottom side of Fabric
Too Tight:
--Corner ot each z_g
zag witl pull together
on the top side at
Bottom side of Fabric
Too Loose:
--The top thread will
_oop through bottom
side of fabric and will
be pulled almost
Bottom side of Fabric
Just Right:
Minimize the amount
ot top thread visible
on the bottom side o1
fabric without causing
excessive puckering
or causing the bobbin
thread to show on the
top side. Results vary
with fabric, thread and
sewing conditions.