GE 800 Water Pump User Manual

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GE Analytical Instruments, Inc. ©2005H Page 1 of 16 DIN 30001 Rev. E
Sievers 800 TOC Analyzer Flow Switch Upgrade
(Flow Switch Kit and Firmware 2.12 CBI)
1. Purpose: To describe the mechanical installation for the flow switch, firmware 2.12 CBI
upgrade installation and operation of the flow switch.
2. Scope: This procedure describes the activities required to install the flow switch and
firmware 2.12 CBI in all Model 800 series TOC analyzers. For TURBO analyzers,
this procedure describes the installation and configuration of the flow switch.
Turbo Analyzers will omit the firmware installation section.
3. Materials and Tools:
7/16" open end or adjustable wrench
1/2" open end wrench
Flat head screwdriver
Phillips head screwdriver
A 60-micron filter must be used to ensure proper operation of the flow switch.
Do not over tighten any fitting.
Switch orientation should be no more than 15° from vertical alignment.
Do not install units near ferrous metals, magnets or electromagnetic fields.
Please review the enclosed Operation and Maintenance Manual. There have
been features added to the analyzers. These additions are dependent upon
the firmware version and software version currently in use.