Garmin 010-11099-10 Water Pump User Manual

2.1 L Hydraulic Pump Installation Instructions 1
To obtain the best performance and to avoid damage to your boat,
install the Garmin
2.1 L hydraulic pump according to the following
instructions. These instructions are a supplement to the installation
instructions provided with your Garmin autopilot.
Professional installation of the pump is highly recommended, because
specic knowledge of hydraulic steering componentry is required to
properly install the pump.
Read all installation instructions before proceeding with the
installation. If you experience difculty during the installation, contact
Garmin Product Support.
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Keep the original sales receipt, or a photocopy, in a safe place.
Contact Garmin Product Support if you have any questions about this
In the USA, go to, or contact Garmin
USA by phone at (913) 397.8200 or (800) 800.1200.
In the UK, contact Garmin (Europe) Ltd. by phone at 0808 2380000.
In Europe, go to and click Contact
Support for in-country support.
Your are responsible for the safe and prudent operation of your
vessel. The autopilot is a tool that will enhance your capability to
operate your boat. It does not relieve you from the responsiblility of
safely operating your boat. Avoid navigational hazards and never leave
the helm unattended.
See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the autopilot
product box for product warnings and other important information.
Failure to install and maintain this equipment in accordance with these
instructions could result in damage or injury.
Always wear safety goggles, ear protection, and a dust mask when
drilling, cutting, or sanding.
This equipment should be installed by a qualied marine installer.
This equipment is only for use with Garmin autopilots.
When drilling or cutting, always check the opposite side of the surface.
Be aware of fuel tanks, electrical cables, and hydraulic hoses.
The 2.1 L hydraulic pump steers your boat by interacting with the
hydraulic steering system, based on commands you enter using the
autopilot display unit. The pump is not included in the autopilot core
package box because the type of pump you use with your autopilot is
determined by the size and type of steering system on your boat.
2.1 L pump kit (part number 010-11099-10)
Hydraulic hose with machine-crimpted or eld-replaceable ttings
that have a minimum rating of 1000 lbf/in
Inline hydraulic shut-off valves
Hydraulic uid
Thread sealant
Hydraulic bleeding equipment
Mounting screws: mounting screws are provided in the pump kit, but
if the provided screws are not appropriate for the mounting surface,
you must provide the correct types of screws.
Safety glasses
Drill and drill bits
Wire cutter/strippers
Screwdrivers: Phillips and at-head
Cable ties
Marine sealant
Marine corrosion inhibitor spray
Because every boat is different, care must be taken when planning the
pump installation.
1. Choose a mounting location (page 1).
2. Mount the pump (page 2).
3. Connect the pump to the hydraulic lines (page 2).
4. Connect the pump to the autopilot ECU (page 2).
1. Consult the diagrams on pages 5–7 for connection and dimension
2. Choose a location to install the pump, considering the following
The pump must be located within 19 in. (0.5 m) of the ECU.
The cables that connect the pump to the ECU cannot be
The pump should be mounted horizontally, if possible.
If the pump cannot be mounted pump horizontally, it must be
mounted vertically with the pump head connectors facing up.
The pump must be mounted in a location to which you can
extend the hydraulic steering lines of the boat.
The pump has ve hydraulic-connector ttings, enabling
an alternate installation method. Refer to page 4 to view an
illustration of the tting layout and page 8 to view an illustration
of the alternate installation method.