Euro-Pro 372H Sewing Machine User Manual

STITCH LENGTH DIAL (Model 377 and 374 only)
To change the length of the stitches proceed as follows:
Turn the dial so that the number for the required stitch length is at setting mark. The numbers indicate the approximate
stitch length in mm. The smaller the numbers, the shorter the stitch.
Model 377
Model 374
(Model EP 377/374/373/372/372H)
Press center of the stitch length dial (reversing button) and hold for reverse stitching. Fabric will immediately start feeding
backwards. Release button and machine will resume normal forward sewing. Very useful for fastening ends of seams and
darts without having to tie threads, and for strengthening seams.
Model E P 377
Model 3 74 Model 3 73/372/372H
stitch lengths
(Model 377)
The desired pattern can be selected by turning the pattern selector dial. The marks on the dial correspond to the
patterns shown on the panel respectively, as follows;
M( ) straight stitch, middle needle position
O( ) straight stitch, left needle position
1-5( 54321) zigzag stitch with variable width
A( ) tricot stitch
B( ) stretch blind stitch
C( ) double action stitch
D( ) reverse blind stitch
automatic buttonhole sewing
Standard djustment
Turn the stitch length dial so that
the SS mark is uppermost.
This is a standard adjustment for most types of fabric.
For different types of fabric, adjustment may be necessary.
To shorten the stretch stitches, turn the dial slightly to-
wards To lengthen, turn the dial towards .
On most fabrics, these adjustments allow for various
pattern possibilities.
When making stretch stitches, the mark must always
be within the SS range - (see drawing).
Selecting Stretch Stitch:
When sewing stretch stitch, set the stitch length dial at
S.S. .
When you release the
engagement on the dial, the
stretch stitch mechanism will be off automatically.
M( ) triple straight stretch stitch, middle needle
O( ) triple straight stretch stitch, left needle
1-5( 54321) triple zigzag stretch stitch or ric-rac stitch
C( ) double overlock stitch
A( ) smocking stitch
B( ) fancy stretch stitch or blanket stitch
D( ) overlock stitch
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