Euro-Pro 372H Sewing Machine User Manual

Model 377
Model 373/372
Model 374
button foot
Pattern selector
Presser foot
4-6( )
button foot
Button foot
Thread Shank
Sew-through buttons on coats and
jackets should nave a thread shank to
make them stand away from the fabric.
Place a straight pin or sewing machine
needle on top of button between the
holes, and sew over the pin or needle.
Pull thread to back of button and wind
around stitches to form a firm shank.
Tie thread ends securely.
2. Turn hand wheel manually until
needle point is just above button.
1. Align two holes of button with slot
of presser foot and lower foot to
hold the button securely.
3. Adjust stitch selector so needle enters
right hole of button.
4. Turn hand wheel by hand so needle
enters second hole. The stitch selector
may need to be adjusted again. Stitch
a number of times.
5. Finish sewing with an extra two
inches of thread remaining. Draw
these threads to reverse side of gar-
ment and tie.
You may find it helpful to use trans-
parent tape to position your button
and to keep it in place during sewing.
Tear away after stitching.
Holes of button
Presser foot
Pattern selector
zig zag
( ) or
Raise and take off the foot.
Place the fabric in embroidery hoop. Place darning plate
over needle plate (see below). Lower the presser foot lifter.
Hold the embroidery hoop firmly with your hand.
While sewing the desired pattern, move the embroidery hoop
slowly and do not allow your fingers to get near the needle.
*Set the needle thread tension a little looser so that the bobbin
thread is not pulled through to the right side of fabric.
(See page 13).
*It is recommended to mark the required embroidery pattern
on the right side of the fabric with a pencil or tailor s chalk.
There are a few times when you want to control the feeding of
the fabric yourself. Raise needle to its highest position and
raise presser foot. Place darning plate over needle plate
aligning two pins of darning plate with holes of needle plate.
You may then determine the movement of the fabric yourself.
See above for embroidery.
embroidery hoop
darning plate