Euro-Pro 372H Sewing Machine User Manual

(Model 377 only)
Presser foot
Pattern selector
Stitch length dial
hemmer foot
M( )
1 to 4
R aise the foot and the needle to its highest position. R eplace the
foot with the hemmer foot.
Fold over the fabric edge by about 3mm (1/8 inches ) and place it
under the foot. Secure the folded edge with a few stitches. Take
out the workpiece and draw the hem into the hemmer foot by
pulling on the threads.
Lower the foot and swe the hem.
During sewing, fold the fabric to the left a little and allow it to
run into the hemmer foot.
Make sure that the fabric does not move under the right half of
the foot. The fabric must be fed into the scroll of the hemmer
sufficiently so that the workpiece edge runs freely through the
groove under the foot.
hemmer foot
(Model 377/374/373/372/372H)
Model 377
Model 373/372/372H
Model 374
blind hem foot
Pattern selector
Presser foot
Stitch length dial
1 to 3
B ( )
E( )
blind hem foot
1 to 3
1. Turn up the hem to the desired width and press. ( Fig. 1)
2. Fold hem back against the right side of the garment with
top edge of hem extending about 4 mm (1/6 inches) to the
right side of the garment folded. (Fig. 2)
3. Place the garment under the foot so that double-folded edge
runs along the hemlguide and lower the foot.
Sew slowly for better control, making sure the narrow
zigzag stitches are sewn on the hem edge and wide zigzag
stitches will just catch one thread of folded edge. (Fig. 3)
4. Unfold the fabric and you will have a bling stitch hem
(Fig. 4)
(Fig. 1)
4mm (1/6 )
(Fig. 2)
(Fig. 1)
G uide
a djus ting
sc re w
(Fig. 3)
(Fig. 4)
Foided edge