Empire Comfort Systems GWT-50-2 Furnace User Manual

12426-4-0104 Page 13
This appliance must be properly connected to a venting system.
This appliance is equipped with a vent safety shutoff system.
Warning: Operation of this wall furnace when not
connected to a properly installed and maintained venting
system or tampering with the vent safety shutoff system
can result in carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and possible
This furnace is equipped with a manual reset vent safety switch.
The manual reset vent safety switch will cause gas ß ow to the main
burner to "shut off" due to improper venting or a blocked ß ue.
To reset the manual reset vent safety switch:
1. Remove outer casing.
2. Depress manual reset button. The manual reset vent safety
switch is located on the draft diverter.
3. Replace outer casing.
If the manual reset vent safety switch continues to "shut off" the
gas ß ow to the main burner a qualiÞ ed service person must be
contacted to inspect for improper venting, blockage in the vent
pipe or the manual reset vent safety switch for being defective.
The correct ß ame will be a short blue inner ß ame with a much larger light
blue outer ß ame. The burner does not have a primary air adjustment. The
ß ame will be proper if the factory-set pressure and oriÞ ce are used. After
the furnace has begun operating, cleaning of the burner may be needed
for proper ß ame, examine at least 2 times per season.
To clean burner ports, disconnect the gas supply to the valve. Remove the
burner assembly from the combustion chamber. Remove pilot burner from
main burner and then remove the main burner. Force water into the ports
and blow dry with vacuum cleaner air, or low pressure compressed air.
Figure 9
Figure 10
The correct ß ame will be blue, extending past the thermopile. The ß ame
will surround the thermopile just below its tip.
Natural gas pilots require adjusting when the inlet gas pressure is above
5" w.c. (1.245kPa). Remove the pilot cover screw on the control valve
and turn the adjustment screw clockwise to reduce ß ame. Replace pilot
cover screw to eliminate gas leaking at that control valve opening.
LP gas (propane) will not require adjustment.
After use, cleaning may be required for the proper ß ame.
Examine the pilot ß ame before and during each heating season.
Figure 8